I hope this short video — a project that my political opponent and I produced collaboratively — is a happy reminder of the quality of our local democracy. Happy New Year to all as we enter the adventure of 2018 together, making our city an even better place to live and grow!

Press Release

City Council Opponents Encourage Civic Engagement with Joint Video
James Lockridge and Brian Pine Set Civil Example in Ward 3

January 1, 2018 Burlington — Brian Pine and James Lockridge are competing for the open seat from Ward 3 on City Council in Burlington. Lockridge is running as an Independent and Pine as a Progressive. Their politics, decidedly left of center, are similar — but both recognize only one person will win a seat from Ward 3 on City Council. Even so, in the heat of campaigning both took time together to encourage citizen participation in Burlington’s upcoming election and daily governance.

The video is available to view or download at https://vimeo.com/248402251. It is being broadcast on local cable television channels and published to the candidates’ web sites and social media. Both candidates invite others to share the public service announcement.

The message of the jointly produced video is, “We’re political competitors at the beginning of a race we’re both committed to winning. Ward 3 is a special place where as friends and family we value civic engagement and we know that everyone in this race — us, and candidates to come — want a better future for the city. We might be competing for a seat at city council, but no matter who wins, we’re proud of each other for stepping up to run and to serve and we’re proud of ward voters for being active participants in the conversation we’ll be having about our city’s priorities and future. We hope to set an example for what Burlington’s politics can be — a respectful conversation about what’s important to us all and a choice between good people with unique approaches to addressing the challenges facing our city. Our local democracy needs you to be a part of it for us to thrive as a community. In Ward 3, we might wrestle for your vote, but regardless of the outcome we’ll continue being colleagues in making our city the best it can be.”

Information about the candidates can be found at their web sites, pineforward3.com (Pine) and ivotelockridge.com (Lockridge). The video was produced at Vermont Community Access Media, a nonprofit community media and technology center located in the South End of Burlington, Vermont, vermontcam.org.

James Lockridge, [email protected], (802) 373-2890
Brian Pine, [email protected], (802) 578-6953

Photo courtesy the candidates. High resolution file available at http://bit.ly/2DFW6Vk

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