We’ve had some heartwarming progress with the effort to save 242 Main. Here’s an overview:

In Burlington, Vermont we have ‘Neighborhood Planning Assemblies’ in each ward. They’re citizen-led components of the city government that meet each month and send their resolutions to the city council. I presented about 242 Main to all of them and half of them (so far!) voted to support language from this petition, sending resolutions to city hall. Our city leadership is hearing from a widening circle of supporters, and from within city government. Special thanks go out to Wards 2, 3, 5, & 6!

On Friday, September 8 7-10pm, Better Things and The Path will be performing at 404 Pine Street behind the Art Hop headquarters in support of saving 242 Main. Art Hop happens all through that weekend, info at http://seaba.com/art-hop/

On June 30 there was a History of Memorial Auditorium event followed by an author discussion about gentrification at SEABA in Burlington. The venue was packed to hear the story of Memorial Auditorium (where 242 Main is located) and how it’s an important public cultural commons that the community deserves to stay in charge of. The author, Peter Moskowitz, was great, too, helping everyone realize that to save what’s important to the community, everyone has to play a part.

Since this effort to save 242 Main started, a nonpartisan group of community advocates has come together to remind the city that it’s responsible for taking care of Memorial Auditorium and should prioritize repairing it enough to be used by the public again, then host a process where the community can make decisions about how it’s redeveloped further.

See http://savememorial.wordpress.com and look for word soon of a September 26 public presentation about Memorial Auditorium that will be hosted by all the Neighborhood Planning Assemblies together!

Did you notice that this petition has more than 1,100 signatures! Every single one of those signatures means something and is helping make the Save 242 Main effort a success. Don’t stop spreading the word – do it now – share save242main.com and help good people add their support; don’t let them miss the opportunity to be a part of something this big!

I keep word of this petition ‘out there’ on the street with sidewalk chalk, making an effort to share the message where city leaders will be. The photo is at City Hall, where Burlington hosted mayors from across the country to discuss innovation. Saving 242 Main should be one of our city’s priorities, and innovation should include young adults and support how they get connected to culture and their community. 242 Main innovated in the 1980s and made history for it. 🙂

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