242 Main, message to mayors

The Expanding Message: 242 Main Matters

We’ve had some heartwarming progress with the effort to save 242 Main. Here’s an overview: In Burlington, Vermont we have ‘Neighborhood Planning Assemblies’ in each ward. They’re citizen-led components of the city government that meet each month and send their resolutions to the city council. I presented about 242 Main to all of them and […]

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Alex Pond

Path To Saving 242 Main Emerges: Mayor To Invite Proposals

Burlington may be opening the door to a community-driven solution for preserving Memorial Auditorium… and 242 Main. Today, Mayor Weinberger was quoted by Molly Walsh in Seven Days’ Off Message blog, “The city will now move forward over the course of 2017 with our original plan for an inclusive, competitive RFP for the Gateway Block […]

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Death at 242 Main

A Public Process for the Future of Memorial Auditorium Begins to Emerge

A conversation at the December 13 Community Development Neighborhood Revitalization Committee meeting of the Burlington city council has begun to set a course for the future of Memorial Auditorium that can give us all optimism. See the post at https://medium.com/@jameslockridge/memorial-auditorium-242-main-an-open-letter-to-burlington-vermont-dae5ff3e5631#.hzkncjw5h With thanks to everyone for supporting this petition, I hope you’ll share it tinyurl.com/Save242Main and continue to be […]

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242 Main by Tim Snow

Memorial Auditorium & 242 Main: An Open Letter to Burlington, Vermont

We all share a hope that our next generation is informed, critically minded, self-confident, and empowered to lead with compassion and reason. One of Burlington’s significant cultural achievements — 242 Main — is a beacon of this commitment. We also know that if we don’t step forward to play a role in shaping the future of our city, there […]

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Get A Grip at 242 Main, by Matthew Thorsen

Seven Days: 242 Main Announces Last Show

Dan Bolles at Seven Days writes about the closing of 242 Main due to neglectful maintenance at Memorial Auditorium. “Memorial is, to use a technical term, a shithole. But it just so happens to be the shithole that has housed 242 since 1985, making it the oldest all-ages punk-rock club in the country. Given the […]

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War on Women at 242 Main, 2014

Saving 242 Main: Where A City Empowered Teens to Make History

242 Main opened its doors in the spring of 1985, establishing itself by a firm margin as the nation’s longest-running all ages venue and, from the start, a youth-driven safe space. Some of this history was captured in 2015 by both Vice Magazine and Seven Days, as 242 celebrated its 30th anniversary. 242 Main has been at the heart of some […]

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